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Sad Instruments

13731564_522714821255810_4737161298404674085_nI’m not one to post my sad stories on Facebook but this is a tragedy that can no longer be ignored. These instruments have been used by children for the last 15 years and are no longer in service. Their pads worn , their cases battered, their valves frozen, and their brass no longer shines. We all know the value of music in our children’s lives but with cutbacks, and a tough economy, many children will never know the joy of instrumental music. Help me this Friday, July 22 as I introduce Horns in hand, A new non-profit organization devoted to putting instruments in children’s hands. Lets bring life back to these sad, homeless instruments. Join us for a night of music, children, games, food and fun. Be a Hero and sponsor one of these sick instruments so that children may use them for years to come!13699963_522714907922468_5787524101968692498_n

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